Are you both hardworking and compassionate, with a natural gift and special touch in dealing with people one-on-one? 

Do you enjoy turning kindness into comfort? Putting people at ease and providing personal care while preserving their dignity – and doing it with a smile?

You are probably a natural to learn what it takes and enjoy the rewards of being a caregiver. Learn more about some of the personal motivations of our residential specialists and how the work we do at Buckeye Residential Solutions helps fulfill these.

“I am passionate about caring for others.”

The typical tasks of the Buckeye Residential Specialist are what you would expect for someone who is passionate about caring for others.

To be specific, Buckeye Residential Specialists provide personal services to clients with developmental delays, disabilities, and physical and mental challenges. 

Buckeye clients reside in private and group homes. Their physical or mental disabilities require the help of the Residential Specialist to overcome daily challenges.

Buckeye provides training to all of our Residential Specialists. For example, Buckeye professional caregivers are taught the procedures for how to address health and safety concerns, like medication administration, diet, environment, and hygiene, and situations requiring medical knowledge.

But we cannot train everything – like that special natural gift that is a passion for people, a caring kindness and warmth and humor that is what makes our Buckeye Residential Specialists so unique. 

“I want to grow my caregiving skills, but I have a busy life.”

Buckeye believes that the Residential Specialist should receive the same support that he or she gives to the clients they visit and serve in their homes.

That’s why we offer scheduling that is flexible and fits into the busy lives of our Residential Specialists.

You can choose a traditional nine-to-five schedule –