Wondering if Buckeye is a good fit for you? Maybe you’re already a family caregiver or have been exploring caregiver positions on job websites to find the perfect match for you. You might be just the candidate we’re looking for! 

Choose a career that not only fits your skill set, but is also with a company that supports your professional goals. Discover the Buckeye Residential Solutions difference – from our Employee Development Program to our specialized training, see how a career with Buckeye stands out from other industry careers.

Extensive Employee Training 

Our clients with disabilities and co-occurring conditions have specific health and safety needs, so individualized care plans are an essential part of the quality services we provide. In addition to on-site, client specific training, we also provide additional training and support to enable the success of our employees and help them grow their skillset and comfort level when providing caregiving services to individuals with specific needs. 

All new employees receive MUI, OSHA, HIPPA, CPR, First Aid and Medication Administration training. Our continuous training also include crisis management, behavior, mental health and more training workshops. This employee training is led by experts in their respective fields and includes Cleveland Clinic psychologists, behavioral therapists, and Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities trainers. 

This training enables our residential specialists at Buckeye to help our clients live healthy, active lives. Our wide range of training opportunities help our employees learn how to become a caregiver – but also how to feel knowledgeable and confident in their abilities while they are serving our clients. Our employees understand how to coordinate services for our clients that address the needs of each individual, tend to a wide-array of health care and personal needs, navigate different client scenarios and more.

Employee Development Program

Buckeye Residential Solutions knows that employee development not only helps our employees be well equipped for the needs of our clients, but also enables t