A career in disability services is a rewarding opportunity for compassionate people who understand the importance of providing quality care and service to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Psychiatric and Behavioral Disorders, and Mental Health Disorders.

Buckeye Residential Solutions offers the chance to make the switch to a career where helping people is central by working as a residential specialist for individuals with disabilities. Learn more about some of the reasons to have a career in disability services and find out if it’s a great fit for you!

1. Meaningful Career Path 

If you believe that the work you do isn’t as rewarding as you want it to be or your skills aren’t being fully utilized, it may be time to make the switch to a meaningful career path in disability services. Support individuals with disabilities’ independence and safety in all settings by providing direct services in group homes and residential settings. Beyond serving daily health and safety needs, you will have the opportunity to facilitate enjoyable experiences for your clients, like inclusive activities, community outings, and visits with friends and family. This meaningful career path helps individuals with disabilities get the most out of life.

2. Want to Make an Impact

Do you work hard, but don’t feel like you’re making a positive impact to the world around you? Whether you’ve already had experience in your personal life with caregiving or want to explore a career that allows you to make a real impact in the lives of individuals, a career in disability services could be the perfect match for you. Not only will you be providing companionship, but the services and care you provide promotes the well-being of individuals with disabilities. They will appreciate the work you do and it will also help give their families and caretakers peace of mind.

3. Ready for a Challenge

If you want to challenge yourself more in your career, gaining a specialized skillset from working with individuals with specific needs could be what you’re looking for. You will never be bored when working in disability services – from providing the compassiona