At Buckeye Residential Solutions, our residential specialists provide our clients with the day-to-day services and support they need to maintain their independence, protect their safety and stay engaged with their community.

Supporting Daily Health Needs

Our clients receive personalized care, support and services to help them live independently, no matter what their health needs are. For our clients with delays, disabilities and challenges and other co-occurring conditions, our in-home care and support services include assisting with daily individual tasks as directed in health care and personal hygiene.

These services include medication administration, bathing, and other daily health needs. Our residential specialists also monitor client safety, giving our clients and their loved ones peace of mind for their welfare and reducing the reliance on outside support. We’re here to help our clients thrive!

Assisting with Household Tasks

At Buckeye Residential Solutions, our experts know that in-home care goes beyond the basic health and welfare needs of our clients. Our compassionate caregivers also provide support around the house that helps our clients to continue to live independently, without the burden of some important household tasks.

For our clients who have mobility challenges or can’t easily get to the store, we not only provide grocery shopping assistance, we also help prepare daily meals while adhering to diet restrictions and nutrition needs. Other household services provided by our residential specialists include assistance with cleaning, laundry and other household tasks.

Providing Transportation

Another service we provide that helps our clients maintain their independence is transportation services. This service helps our clients reduce their reliance on outside support from family members and friends to get them to doctors’ appointments, community outings, activities and other places. From visiting family and friends to providing transportation to recreational and leisure activities, we help our clients make the most out of their lives – helping to increase overall wellbeing!

Enabling Better Social Lives

It can be difficult for many individuals with disabilities to get out in their community in order to build friendships and socialize – which is why we provide services that help our clients overcome this challenge. In addition to organizing and providing transportation for our clients to individual activities, we also help our clients socialize and stay engaged with their community. Group activities for adults with developmental disabilities include inclusive activities and group exercises. These activities are catered to the interest