Discover the ways Buckeye Residential Solutions prepares our employees for the first day on the job and works to build a foundation of skills for long-term employment, including career advancement.

No Experience Needed

We don’t require our new hires to have previous experience in the industry as residential specialists. Our goal is to provide all of the training and credentials they need once they are hired at Buckeye Residential Solutions to get them started on the job and confident in their caregiving skills. 

Once our employees are off to a great start with their clients, we work to expand upon their skills and training to enable their professional growth and career advancement. Our part-time and full-time residential specialist positions are a great opportunity for individuals to begin a rewarding career path!

New Staff Training

From orientation to staff training, we make sure our new employees receive knowledgeable, personable training from our experienced staff and training professionals. New staff training includes Medication Administration training, MUI (Major Unusual Incident) training, OSHA training, and HIPAA training. We also have our new employees become CPR and First Aid certified. These mandatory training classes are offered during normal business hours, 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday, and are an essential part of preparing our employees for success in the field. 

Specific Training and Continuous Workshops

In addition to new employee training, our residential specialists receive on-site training to ensure they are prepared for the individualized needs of the diverse clients we serve. From individuals with developmental disabilities to those with co-occurring conditions, each and every client of Buckeye Residential Solutions has their own set of daily needs – so we want our residential specialists to feel prepared to address them when they are on their own. 

Even though we set our employees up for a successful first day with our clients, our leaders are only a phone call away if they need any advice about handling a specific situation or don’t feel confident in a particular interaction. An open line of communication helps us provide quality services that helps to enable the safety and independence of our clients. 

To further the training of our employees and help them build upon their foundation of skills, we also provide continuous training workshops led by experts in their respective fields, including Cleveland Clinic psychologists, behavioral therapists, and Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities trainers. Training areas for these workshops include crisis management, behavior, mental health and more.