Do you have someone in your life who is supportive, empathetic, and compassionate? They might be a perfect fit for a career as a residential specialist at Buckeye Residential Solutions.

Natural traits, like empathy and compassion, combined with excellent training make for a residential specialist who can truly have a positive impact on individuals and families.

Discover what qualities make someone a great caregiver, then learn more about becoming a residential specialist with Buckeye Residential Solutions!

They Exercise Empathy and Compassion

Caregiver jobs require someone with a deep sense of empathy. Empathy allows us to understand what another person is experiencing—to put yourself in someone’s shoes.

A great caregiver does not just give the individual one-size-fits-all care, but instead listens and communicates with each individual to meet their unique needs.

This ensures the individual gets the care they need, and also makes them feel heard, understood, and loved.

They’re Patient

Working with people who have disabilities can require patience, especially when you are still getting to know each other. Someone with a short fuse may not necessarily be the best fit for a residential specialist position. 

In order to create a trusting environment for the individual receiving care, it’s important to be able to slow down, take your time, and have patience.

You Can Count on Them

A residential caregiver has to be reliable. Clients and their families depend on caregivers to be there when they say they will.

If a caregiver makes a plan with a family to provide care every morning, the family must trust that t