Serving People with Intellectual Disabilities

Adults with developmental disabilities are not in a bubble. They are important members of our community, and we all benefit from their inclusion in our daily lives. That’s why we at Buckeye Residential Solutions work 24/7 to ensure that individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities feel supported, empowered, and included.

All of our services and activities are designed to meet individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities where they are. Whether it’s getting transportation to an activity, work, or event, or providing in-home assistance from a qualified caregiver, Buckeye Residential Solutions customizes a plan that’s perfect for each individual. We help them feel connected inside the community to which they belong.

A Culture of Inclusion

We understand how isolating life can be for individuals with intellectual disabilities. But they are not alone.

Our day service programs promote personal accomplishment, vocational growth, and community involvement that last beyond that day. We coach individuals with disabilities on learning new skills, not just for their day to day needs, but so they can improve access to their community.

Buckeye Residential Day Services Include:

  • In-home care and support
  • Individual activities for adults with developmental disabilities
  • Group activities for adults with developmental disabilities
  • Skill building activities
  • Residential disability services
  • Personalized care
  • 24/7 staff support
  • Transportation services
  • Vocational workshops and skill building
  • And much more…

Skill Building for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Buckeye Residential Services offers individuals with disabilities a wide variety of structured activities, supportive therapy, and opportunities for skill building. Our goal is always to enrich the lives of those we serve.

All of our services take place in the individual’s local neighborhood, offering each adult the chance to make new friends and take part in their communities.

Our skills training ranges from basic home tasks to vocational, on-the-job training.

We offer:

  • Community-Based Job Coaching
  • Woodworking Shop
  • Lawn Care and Maintenance
  • General Home Maintenance
  • Job Safety Training
  • T-Shirt Design and Printing
  • Ice and Snow Removal
  • Basic Retail Skills

Activities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Feeling included isn’t just about skill development. Being a part of community events, participating in activities, or just taking in a local sporting event can all help adults with developmental disabilities live active balanced lives.

Whether it’s planning a birthday party or taking a long, relaxing hike into nature, Buckeye Residential Solutions can assist with getting the most of each day.

Activities Include:

  • Special Olympics
  • Birthday Parties
  • Community Dances
  • Outdoor Activities like Hiking and Fishing
  • Concerts
  • Professional Athletic Events
  • Plays & Movies
  • Tie-Dye Shirts
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Vacations
  • And More!

In-Home Care and Support

People living with intellectual or developmental disabilities want to function in their own homes just like everyone else. With an in-home support tech from Buckeye Residential Solutions, they can.

We provide task assistance, companionship, and skills training in the comfort of your own home, 24/7, or as needed. Additionally, we create individualized, structured plans for each client we serve. We strive to make each individual feel empowered, so they can be as independent and self-assured as possible.

Group Activities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Buckeye Residential Solutions provides structured and adapted group activities. Each activity is inclusive so that individuals at all levels can participate.

Group activities are a fantastic way for adults with developmental disabilities to socialize and make new friends. Additionally, group activities are an excellent way to expose individuals to new experiences, expanding their interests.

As will all our activities, we can provide transportation to and from group events, whether they are happening at your facility or off-site.

Support for Sports and Special Olympians

Buckeye Residential Solutions understands the commitment required to pursue sports dreams. We are proud to help Special Olympians and aspiring athletes reach their goals. Buckeye Residential Solutions provides transportation services to sporting events, training events, and other locations. Additionally, we provide on-site or in-home services that focus on skill building associated with athletic outcomes.

Transportation Services for Adults with Special Needs

Convenient access to mobility enriches the lives of the developmentally disabled. Buckeye Residential Solutions provides transportation to and from our Day Program and other day programs in the greater Ravenna and Toledo areas of Ohio.

Providing Adults with Disabilities Opportunities for Art and Expression

Buckeye Residential Solutions offers adults with disabilities opportunities to participate in artistic outlets, such as painting, crafting, music, and more. We recognize that for an individual to feel fully engage with their community, they need to be able to express the full range of their emotions.

Artistic activities serve our core value of inclusion because art provides an outlet for individuals to communicate and grow. Often people with developmental disabilities are better able to express themselves through images than in words.

We provide in-home, on-site, and third-party services for developmentally disabled individuals that want to engage in artistic pursuits. Additionally, we provide transportation to and from the activities.