Careers at Buckeye Residential Solutions

Have a passion for helping people with disabilities? Get paid for doing what is naturally rewarding for you—on a flexible schedule. Positions starting at $11.25/hr. with growth opportunities up to $14/hr. Positions include vacation & PTO, medical and dental benefits, 401K, career advancement opportunities and more! No experience needed.
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Follow your passion.

At Buckeye Residential Solutions, we understand passion. Serving others is our passion and we take pride in providing care, support, and opportunities to the Developmentally Disabled. If you are a reliable person with a passion for working with disabled adults, then Buckeye Residential Solutions may be the right fit for you.

All of our positions center on providing caring, dependable services and support for individuals with disabilities. As a member of our team, you’ll help individuals with developmental delays, developmental disabilities, and developmental challenges receive the care and support they need to be active and fulfilled members in their community.

With the help of our Core Values, employees can experience growth, enjoy our well-structured intentional work mission, experience the integrity of working with a great team – and enjoy the rewards of accomplishments from an unstoppable, passionate company.

How We Serve the Developmentally Disabled Community

No matter what our title is here at Buckeye Residential Solutions, our main job is always to help individuals with developmental disabilities live healthy, active lives. That means we work to develop a community of inclusion in everything we do, to make our clients feel like they belong, are valued, and have a role to play in the world around them. When you work at Buckeye Residential Solutions, you’ll contribute to this mission.

Every day, our team members provide in home care services, lead group activities, provide essential care, and ensure the health and safety of their clients.

Every day, Buckeye Residential Solutions provides: