Walk through a day in the life as a residential specialist for Buckeye Residential Solutions.

A career as a residential specialist with Buckeye Residential Solutions means you wake up each morning knowing you’ll make a difference in someone’s life.

A day in the life of a Buckeye Residential Specialist includes client appointments tailored to your personal schedule, plus professional development and training that prepares you for success and advancement in the field. Our residential specialists provide high-quality services to clients with developmental delays, disabilities, and challenges across private and group homes in the Ravenna and Toledo areas.

Personal, Client-Centered Care

As a residential specialist, each day you’ll help people with physical or mental disabilities overcome daily challenges. You will serve as a figure of support, spending time with clients and providing adult activities, always prioritizing their overall happiness and wellbeing.

Residential specialists also address health and safety concerns, like medication administration, diet, environment, and hygiene, seeking medical advice when appropriate.

Our residential specialists are nurturing, patient, compassionate caregivers who understand the unique interests, difficulties, and emotional needs of each individual client for whom they care. Specialists find creative, engaging ways to help the client enjoy the appointment, while also meeting goals and addressing the client’s needs.

Supportive Work Environment

If you’re with a client and need help handling a specific situation, our leaders are here to help. Simply give them a call for advice and guidance on the appropriate next steps.

We believe an open line of communication is key for making physical and mental health caregivers feel comfortable and ensuring the safety and independence of our clients.

Meet with Clients on Your Schedule

As a residential specialist, you won’t work traditional nine-to-five hours. A career in disability services is a great option for those who want to have a meaningful, rewarding career and are looking for flexible scheduling. At Buckeye Residential Solutions, you choose your